Corporate members engage Darcy to research, scout and validate emerging technologies. Our primary criteria in evaluating hundreds of innovative companies every year is the tangible bottom line impact they can promise to our corporate members.

Our corporate strategy needs to be more forward thinking on technology, but I do not want to distract my managers with an overwhelming number of management consultants.
My asset teams are hamstrung by the solutions offered by our large customers and I am tired of them wasting their time trying to vet new vendor and alternatives.
I am an expert in my craft and there are new niche technologies that would benefit my company, but I struggle to get total buy in from middle management.
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I have built a product or service that works for similar industries, but this industry is opaque and I have never been able to gain traction.
I am a technician and have built an amazing product, but I struggle to actually sell it, or find the capital to bring on the right team.
I have already done a few pilot projects with success, but the industry is still slow to deploy my technology at scale.
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Entrepreneurs come to Darcy to expedite their sales cycle, plain and simple. Darcy is stage agnostic and works with companies from pre-revenue to growth stage, providing entrepreneurs with exposure through its data subscriptions and market research. In addition, Darcy provides heavier touch business development support for select companies through its Open Innovation Forum.


The investment, academic and R&D communities use Darcy in a number of ways ranging from deal origination to technology commercialization.

We are actively looking for investment opportunities, but my resources are constrained with fund management, board seats, and investment monitoring activities.
Our companies are talented and we’ve helped them get off the ground, but they need access to the broader investment community and pilots with customers.
We are conducting ground breaking research, but we need a platform to support our commercialization efforts.
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