The New Reality


In the wake of recent commodity price volatility, the energy industry has begun to invest heavily in the identification and deployment of solutions to help address operational inefficiencies, which may not have been apparent during periods of elevated commodity pricing. Companies focusing solely on internal innovation will miss out on externally available opportunities.
However, combing through hundreds of vendors and startups is no easy task; especially given reduced budgets and team capacities. Darcy Partners offers a timely and cost effective path to increasing the permeability of external innovation and thus finding sustainable competitive advantages through the cycle.


As Bill Joy, founder of Sun Microsystems, once declared, “no matter who you are, most of the smartest people don’t work for you.”

Our Mission



Darcy’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, novel business models, and innovative operational practices for the oil and gas industry.

We strive to address common areas of concern in the industry through efficient identification and validation of new technologies, and by leveraging the combined experience of our members. Our propriety process provides a unique platform for operators and other stakeholders to learn of and share common problems and solutions with peers.


The Darcy Process



Darcy Partners’ Joint Industry Studies efficiently deliver field ready technology solutions for real world operational challenges. Our clients, equipped with the results of our research, meet with the selected emerging vendors over a one day private forum.


Innovation Forums



Darcy innovation forums are closed events for our clients, which meet on a regular basis to review and collaborate on the results of our research studies. The forums occur at the end of each research study and allow for the evaluation of live presentations from our top hand-selected startups in a collaborative environment. At these forums, our clients can evaluate the selected solution providers in person.
Our research is funded only by our corporate members, with no fees passed on to the technologies we cover. This results in an unbiased and independent research process that has proven to reduce technology adoption cycle times for our corporate clients and innovators.


How We Differ



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Darcy Partners member selected topics range from petrotechnical to digital. If you are interested to know more, please take a brief moment to fill out our form, and a consultant from our team will contact you.
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