Darcy’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of technologies in the oil and gas industry by undertaking the sourcing, evaluation and high-grading of nascent technologies on behalf of a single or a consortium of companies.

Why we exist

There is a gap in the visibility of oil and gas innovation. The existing dissemination channels for innovation are disproportionally focused on traditional trade shows or exclusive R&D efforts.

The resulting lack of transparency further adds to the long sales cycles in the industry.  Efficiency improvements in a low oil price environment has accelerated the need for innovation and importantly, the evaluation of.  We provide that.

How we do it

The best scouting needs to start from pain points of the customers and be built on deep fundamental research vs. passive database building.

Our research model is “forum driven” and “thematic”.  As such, our corporate customers define the topics based on their most significant pain points. Darcy undertakes deep market research to emerge with a comprehensive database and the carefully selected solutions that stand out for that topic.

How we differ