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In the past, your only opportunity for exposure to new technology and building business was constrained to expensive, broad-themed physical conferences. You spend a few days trying to sift through the noise, crowds and endless floorspace to make one meaningful connection. The Darcy Innovation Initiative™ model flips that dynamic, eliminating time-to-find and multiplying meaningful connectivity.

Member Groups

Oil and Gas

Covering Exploration and Production in various parts of the value chain: subsurface, drilling, completion and production.

Power, Utilities & Energy Transition

Covering core generation and T&D assets, new energy, distributed resources, grid edge solutions and mobility.


GHG and air emissions, water management, waste management, chemicals and plastic.

Member Advantage

Darcy Innovation Initiatives™ target the pain points and technologies most relevant to you – today. They deliver a slate of field-ready solutions ready for adoption.

Member Success

Darcy members include a wide group of energy companies. In oil and gas, our members collectively represent over 60% of North America oil and gas production and over 35% of the global production. Our members consistently deploy 1 technology solution upon attending every one of our forums within 6-9 months.


Cross-Industry Research Studies


New Technologies Vetted


Deployments of
New Technologies


ROI For Members

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