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Apr 17 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Production Technology

The oil and gas industry is facing significant sustainability headwinds. In 2020, Darcy Partners will help its members meet those headwinds through a new program focused on technology solutions to E&P sustainability issues. Sustainability pressures are impacting the industry from a variety of directions, affecting investors and shareholders. With Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) growing as an asset class and investment filter, a host of new  sustainability rating organizations are creating significantly confusing, complex metrics, leading to an increase in sustainabilityrelated shareholder resolutions. The regulatory landscape remains as uncertain as ever, particularly at the state level, with companies needing to respond with new technology solutions that can be quickly and reliably implemented. Stakeholder management has become progressively more challenging, whether due to operating in close-proximity to  growing population centers or from increased external scrutiny enabled by new, low-cost methods for monitoring industry operations. Since 2015, Darcy has researched over 3,000 new oil and gas focused technologies and presented the best-in -class picks at over 50 forums. Darcy will now leverage its technology scouting expertise to help the oil and gas industry find novel, high-grade technology solutions to critical sustainability challenges. Innovations will be investigated across topics such as oilfield power, fleet electrification and optimization, and new sensing, monitoring and prediction tools, among other areas. The top technologies will be presented at an intimate forum where, in addition to learning  about Darcy’s findings, members will be able to discuss their own key learnings in sustainability.

Darcy is committed to presenting technologies that have both a strong sustainability value proposition and improve the underlying operations and performance of oil and gas companies. Therefore, participation both by sustainability-focused managers and by operational managers with a strong grasp of the broader challenges facing the E&P value chain is encouraged.

The forum will highlight up to 10 emerging technologies that have been vetted for sustainability impact, operational impact, and ability to be implemented. In addition to the presentation of technologies, discussions will be held around sustainability best practices, creating a key peer-learning opportunity, particularly through sharing experiences addressing challenges across different basins. Specific technology topics for the forum will be announced in the coming weeks and will be selected from Darcy’s sustainability technology focus areas, which include:

  • GHG Emissions (direct and indirect)
  • Other Emissions (e.g. NOx, VOCs, water disposal)
  • Spills (e.g. product or chemical spills)
  • Health and Safety (e.g. accidents, chemical use)
  • Local Impacts (e.g. seismic, noise, traffic)