Can I invite a colleague to attend a Virtual Forum?

2020-09-29T15:34:53-05:00April 27th, 2020|

Absolutely, if you see an event that you think would be of interest to a colleague, click the "Share" button and you'll be prompted to send them an invite email. You can also copy the URL of the Forum page and share it with them directly. Once received, they will be able to self-register to the [...]

If I see a topic of interest, how do I reserve my seat?

2020-06-24T14:29:50-05:00April 24th, 2020|

Once you are signed in, simply click on one of the upcoming events that interest you and click the toggle next to "Add to Calendar" at the top of the page to reserve your seat. On this page, you will also see additional information about the event including the agenda, logistics, video previews, and more.

How do I login to Darcy Connect?

2020-06-26T10:34:23-05:00April 24th, 2020|

If you are a new user, simply click the "Sign In" button on the menu and click "Create Account" to create your account. If your company is not a member of Darcy Partners and you would like to receive access, please contact us here.