Market Research

For each coverage area, we perform a deep dive to track the influencers, emerging companies, and technology trends to paint a complete picture of a otherwise obscure market of converging technologies.

The founders of Darcy Partners have spent the last decade working in and with O&G companies, finding and investing in innovative technology companies. Darcy also recruits the top subject matter experts within each topic to contribute to the research and scouting exercise. These experts participate in the quarterly forum.
Ourcorporate O&G customers drive our research themes. Each quarter, a major innovation challenges is selected, and the Darcy team is fully dedicated to that theme.
Each quarter we deliver a no frills white paper with a heavy commercial  emphasis on mapping the startup and incumbent density to the specific components of  the technology stack and value chain.
We utilize our proprietary search technology to generate robust  data sets for each coverage area.
We classify our datasets into an Oil & Gas specific taxonomy that does not  exist with generalist data service providers. We realize that datasets of 100s of startups require clear a classification methodology that is built for – and easily used by – insiders.
Our data subscriptions are evergreen, updated on a regular basis, and at the finger tips of our clients.

Deal Flow/Sourcing

We maintain a robust database of emerging companies for each coverage area. Our data subscriptions allow our clients to visualize white space and vendor groupings within a taxonomy based on Oil & Gas.

Innovation Forums

We maintain an exclusive corporate forum of industry players that meets on a regular basis to set technology priorities for research and scouting and collaborate on the results of our findings. The forum convenes quarterly (in person) to collaborate and evaluate live presentations from our top hand selected startups.

Those companies that focus solely on internal innovation will miss  out on the opportunities available externally. As Bill Joy, founder of Sun Microsystems  once declared, “no matter who you are, most of the smartest people don’t work for  you.
Time and time again we see the industry quietly iterate on tens of pilot  projects with competing emerging companies until it becomes clear as to who can  deliver the most value. This leads to the spread of misinformation and slow adoption  cycles from so much vendor deluge. The forum is intended to quickly bring together a  level of transparency to the industry that simply does not exist anywhere else.
Corporate and Institutional Investment firms are limited to costly options when it  comes to targeted deal sourcing and validation. The forum provides the benefits of  trusted research, deal flow and validation at an order of magnitude less than the next  best option.