Our Mission



Darcy Partners mission is to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in the energy industry. We help our client members find, evaluate, and select the innovative solutions that best meet their needs.

The Darcy Approach




Darcy conducts research studies on behalf of our members, and topics chosen reflect member input and need. For each study, we assess the technology issues and pain points facing members today, identify and validate innovative technologies that could help address these issues, and provide members with a slate of field-ready technology solutions they can readily adopt.

Our research studies cover topics along the upstream value chain, including Drilling, Completions, Production, and G&G. We have also conducted studies in specialized areas such as EOR, Production Chemicals, and Water Management, along with digital topics in Applied Analytics, IOT, and Data Management.

Our work is independent and unbiased, with no fees passed on to the technologies we cover.

Innovation Forums




We deliver results to members via Darcy innovation forums, “by-invitation-only” small group events that occur at the end of each research study.  During these day-long events, participants review Darcy’s insights about the topic, meet emerging vendors and evaluate their solutions, and discuss technology issues with their peers in a collaborative environment.

Proven Results




Darcy members include a wide group of E&P operators that collectively represent more than half of US oil and gas production. Darcy has been able to help these members on average accelerate their technology adoption rate to less than 6 months.

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Darcy members include E&P operators, investors, and service companies. If you would like to learn more about Darcy’s membership options, please complete a brief form and a consultant from our team will contact you.


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