For advanced analytics solutions to work, three key ingredients need to come together:

  • Data management
  • Data analytics
  • Domain knowledge (Oil & Gas)

Different vendors try to bring forth one or combination of these ingredients to the operators.

Integrated O&G service companies like Schlumberger and Halliburton leverage their domain expertise and in some cases their commercial contract terms to enforce their homegrown solutions. These firms have a long history of software innovation that dates to the 1990s, with acquisitions like Geoquest and Eclipse by Schlumberger and Landmark Graphics by Halliburton.

Pure software and IT firms have also begun to vertically integrate. Analytics companies have moved into data integration, as illustrated by Tibco’s acquisition of OpenSpirit. ERP vendors have begun moving closer to real time data/the source (e.g. Quorum and P2) or building analytics platforms (e.g SAP HANA’s in-memory analytics).

Furthermore, corporate partnerships have become the norm. Hadoop distributors like MapR, Hortonwork, Pivotal, and Cloudera, for example, have built extensive partnership ecosystems with other solution providers, many of whom are startups.

With the complexity of the vendor landscape and technology stack, organizations must create a framework to evaluate their service provider strategy and start valuing data as an asset.  Management and support effort has already become increasingly complex, as many operators maintain application portfolios of 100+. Adding to the complexity is the trend for more integrated workflows across functional groups.

Our scouting research on advanced analytics focused on emerging technologies across the technology stack and all major areas across the value chain (Exploration, Drilling & Completions, Production, Facilities & Construction and Midstream/Downstream).


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