Just as there have been innovations in drilling and completions to increase recovery from tight-oil and shale-gas reservoirs, there is now a need for innovations in production technologies to raise flow rates during the later stages of the well life.

Artificial lift is an area in need of advances in technology to handle the complexities of horizontal-well construction and of multiphase fluid flow within them.

Our scouting and research has identified hundreds of new companies that are developing promising artificial-lift methods for hydrocarbon recovery. We have selected top 14 emerging vendors to present their solutions to a private forum of E&P operators.

With only an estimated 5% of the one million producing oil and gas wells flowing naturally, the need for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective lift technology is clear.

In 2017, companies are looking to increase their production and continue to trim costs beyond what they have already achieved in 2015-16.

As companies continue to unlock value during this downturn, technological innovation will have the most lasting impact. These innovations will create, for adopters, truly sustainable value and competitive strength.

The challenge is knowing which ones to pursue.


We are interested to hear your thoughts on which innovative vendors would be more interesting for you to find? You can simply respond by 1, [...]

INNOVATORS WANTED: Artificial lift

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