In light of the current downturn in oil prices, the Oil & Gas industry is increasingly looking for innovation to enhance operational efficiency measures that are being exhausted.

One piece of the value chain that is starting to receive more attention is Water Management. Water Management costs are up to 1/2 of well Operating Expenditures and 1/3 of well Capital Expenditures, making it one of the primary targets for cost management in the oilfield.

If purely driven by economics, North America oilfield water management will continue to be dominated by sourcing fresh or brackish water and injecting produced or flow-back water in disposal wells. Therefore, almost half the cost of water relates to transport, which is still dominated by hauling trucks that are difficult to replace given distributed nature of water sources, oil and gas wells and disposal facilities.

Darcy’s research in this space will uncover technological, operational and strategic innovations that will help the E&P companies make further optimization in their water management costs.

As companies continue to unlock value during this downturn, technological innovation will have the most lasting impact. These innovations will create for adopters truly sustainable value and competitive strength.

Study Scope

Operational Efficiencies

Enabling logistics and hauling optimization

Technological Innovations

to reduce need for transport

Strategic Choices

Replace hauling through midstream alternatives

The Darcy Process