At Darcy, we focus on researching new technologies and innovations that should be applied by energy companies. Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of solutions by exposing them to our customers in a structured and orchestrated way.

Our Joint Industry Studies are defined by the needs of our core customers and are designed to identify adoptable new technologies. We’re ultimately tasked with high-grading the available solutions and presenting them back to all our study sponsors.

As part of the work, we author a comprehensive research white paper describing the landscape of solutions and why the presenting companies/technologies have been selected. In addition, we maintain an active database of all solutions.

Since inception, Darcy has presented technologies from over 120 startups and presented those to over 150 o&g corporate clients. You can see the results of the session in Exhibit 1 that each E&P firm left with an average of 2.4 startups that they had never heard of but now wanted to work with.  The result of our August Water Management Forum produced equally valuable results.

Our ability to source technologies in the energy space is differentiated due to a) our long work experience and exclusive focus on energy, b) internally developed proprietary algorithms and c) our strong network built through years of technology investment activities.